Believe it or not 20g GPS collars

LiteTrack 20g

Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Introducing our smallest, lightest GPS collar with remote communication EVER.
1/3 lighter and up to 3X more fixes.

~6 months battery life for 3 locations per day
~1 year battery life for 3 SWIFT GPS locations per day.

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Pinnacle LITE GPS Iridium Solar Assist Collars

Monday, 21 July 2014

The new range of Pinnacle LITE GPS Iridium Solar Assist models can significantly extend battery life when exposure to daylight is favourable. A solar model exposed to direct sunlight for 8 hours per day can have its battery life extended by at least 50%.

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Can your Iridium Collar do this?

Iridium Collar


Thursday, 15 November 2012

Can your Iridium Collar do this?

  • Weigh only 660g including remote activated drop off
  • Aquire over 12,500 locations in 18 months
  • Allow replacement of the battery pack, including drop off, by the user

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Sirtrack's Pinnacle GPS Iridium Collar - Now Shipping

Pinnacle newsitem

Thursday, 27 September 2012

Sirtrack's Pinnacle GPS Iridium Collar is now available for shipping and deployment on your wildlife research and conservation projects!


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Sirtrack Supporting N/a’an ku sê

Naankuse-Logo-Black-Transparent-LargeTo the whole team at Sirtrack,

I wanted to personally send you our 2011 Thank you video which highlights the achievements we have made together for the people and animals at N/a’an ku sê. Thank you for everything you’ve done in 2011 to help make this happen – from sponsoring collars to help us safely release threatened cheetahs and sharing our news and stories with your clients - here’s to a successful 2012 together!

Please enjoy it and feel proud of the difference you’ve made:

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Lotek acquires Sirtrack

lotek logo

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Sirtrack Limited, Havelock North, New Zealand has been acquired by Lotek Wireless Inc, Newmarket, Canada. Lotek have acquired Sirtrack to expand their operations and global reach specifically in Australia, New Zealand and Africa.



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New! Pinnacle GPS Iridium Collars


Monday, 31 October 2011

Sirtrack has a long history of supplying innovative tracking products, such as our proximity logger and microGPS. We continue to raise the bar and by looking at what wildlife people really want we ensure that all of our new products will be the very best on the market. Reliability and performance are a given and value for money and ease of use essential. We apply this thinking to our new product design.

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Happy Feet Transmissions Ceased

NZ Emporer Penguin WebpageMonday, 12 September 2011

A signal from the satellite transmitter that was attached to Happy Feet has not been received since Friday 9 September 2011, NZ time. This indicates that the satellite transmitter has not broken the surface of the water, required to transmit, since that time.

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Follow the journey of Happy Feet

happy feet buttonMonday, 29 August 2011

Happy Feet has been fitted with a Sirtrack KiwiSat 202 Satellite Transmitter which will transmit signals to satellites twice a day for three hours. This will allow us to monitor Happy Feet´s position as he travels. Each new position will be plotted on the map so we can all follow his progress.

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Sirtrack Team Muck In

Group Photo at KaramuWednesday, 3 August 2011

Working with the regional council, Sirtrack team members made a difference to the local environment by planting hundreds of young trees along the banks of the Karamu Stream. This reserve is utilised by local groups for kayaking, cycling and walking. This waterway flows directly behind the property where Sirtrack is based so we look forward to seeing the plantings mature.