Sirtrack's Pinnacle GPS Iridium Collar - Now Shipping

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Thursday, 27 September 2012

Sirtrack's Pinnacle GPS Iridium Collar is now available for shipping and deployment on your wildlife research and conservation projects!



 Iridium Flyer - Sept 2012


At Sirtrack we have developed the Pinnacle GPS Iridium Collar to satisfy a number of requirements that we felt had not been met in a GPS Iridium collar previously.

There are key benefits of purchasing the Sirtrack Pinnacle GPS Iridium Collar for your next Wildlife Tracking Project:

  • Reliability and Consistency
  • Ease of Use
  • Performance
  • Convenience and Value


  • Reliability and Consistency
    • Our approach to design, verification and process control has delivered a product we believe will set a new benchmark.  From the initial concept through to final production we have designed in quality that will deliver consistency and ultimately product reliability.
    • We have verified the quality of our designs and processes through extensive in house testing that simulates the environments we expect collars to survive, including Water Ingress, Vibration, Mechanical Shock, Temperature and Electrostatic Discharge.
    • Not satisfied with our in house testing with the support of some of our customers we have deployed collars on wild animals in varying terrain and locations.  This has allowed us to learn about how our collars perform in real scenarios and improve them before they were released for sale.


  • Ease of Use
    • Working through a thick manual is not how we believe our customers want to spend their time.  Our User Guide is just 12 pages, designed like the Pinnacle GPS Iridium to make it easy for customers to get up and running and focus on their research and not having to be a technical Guru.
    • A set of preconfigured data capture and transmissions schedule make it easy to program via our data service website and know the battery life and data cost in advance.
    • When you want to retrieve your data simply logon to our secure data service website, view the data on a map, in a table or via Google earth plug in and when you are ready to export your data choose .csv and .kml format and download your data from the cloud.


  • Peformance
    • The Pinnacle GPS Iridium allows you to track lighter wildlife for longer.  At 660g the Pinnacle GPS Iridium will capture a GPS Location every hour and transmit 24 GPS locations via Iridium every day for 18 months.
    • This is significantly longer than alternate GPS Iridium Collars which are also heavier.
    • In addition it will reserve enough battery energy to activate the drop off and keep the VHF running for another 3 months to aid recovery at the end of the research period.


  • Convenience and Value
    • The ability to reuse a collar for a second deployment allows researchers to achieve greater value out of their limited funding.
    • The Pinnacle GPS Iridium enables researchers to re-deploy collars simply by ordering a replacement battery pack complete with replacement drop off (release) activator, that can be fitted in minutes by the researcher, without the need to return the collar to Sirtrack for rebuild or repower.
    • The replacement battery packs including drop off activator are competitively priced and significantly less than a full repower or rebuild cost.  The combined cost of purchasing a Pinnacle GPS Iridium collar and a replacement battery pack for a second deployment is significantly less than purchasing a typical GPS Iridium collar and returning it to the factory for repower or rebuild.
    • User replaceable battery packs are particularly suited to deployment where researchers wish to collect high quantities of data over a relatively short period, e.g. one year, and the recovered collar is in good condition and suitable for redeployment for a second year.
    • Should a recovered collar be damaged and not considered suitable for redeployment then it is possible to rebuild the collar.