Happy Feet Transmissions Ceased

NZ Emporer Penguin WebpageMonday, 12 September 2011

A signal from the satellite transmitter that was attached to Happy Feet has not been received since Friday 9 September 2011, NZ time. This indicates that the satellite transmitter has not broken the surface of the water, required to transmit, since that time.

Sirtrack engineers have analysed the diagnostic information from the satellite transmitter and have confirmed it was operating as expected at the last transmission received. This leads to the conclusion that either the satellite transmitter has detached or an unknown event has prevented Happy Feet from resurfacing.

In any wildlife research project it is accepted that there may be a premature detachment of the satellite transmitter. It should be remembered that the satellite transmitter was fitted in accordance with proven methods using glue which ensures that Happy Feet would shed the transmitter when he moults in the New Year. There is a small chance that solar flares at the earth's poles have interrupted the transmissions from reaching the satellites however we are receiving data from other satellite transmitters located in New Zealand. Sirtrack have contacted the company that operates the satellites on this subject and we expect a response from them within the next 48 hours. We will keep monitoring Happy Feet's satellite account, and update our website with any news as it comes available.

Finally, as we expect many people are, the team at Sirtrack are disappointed that we are unable to track Happy Feet's progress any further. We have enjoyed being part of this project and hope that Happy Feet is making his way home. Regards Sirtrack