New! Pinnacle GPS Iridium Collars


Monday, 31 October 2011

Sirtrack has a long history of supplying innovative tracking products, such as our proximity logger and microGPS. We continue to raise the bar and by looking at what wildlife people really want we ensure that all of our new products will be the very best on the market. Reliability and performance are a given and value for money and ease of use essential. We apply this thinking to our new product design.

The first of these new products was the Ultimate VHF Transmitter, a comprehensive range of VHF transmitter collars, offering unparalleled tracking range and exceptional battery life in tough, ergonomic housings. These collars were designed and tested to perform at their best on the study animal in even the most extreme environments.

The Pinnacle GPS Iridium collars build on this same philosophy, striving to achieve the highest levels of performance and reliability with ease of use and value for money. These tough collars are the peak of GPS tracking technology for medium and large animals, combining the latest GPS engine with the flexibility and low cost offered by the Iridium satellite network. The two-way Iridium satellite system is used to send data from the collar to your desktop computer or mobile device in a matter of seconds from anywhere on the planet. Not only that, you can reconfigure your collars, or command them to release, anywhere you have internet or phone coverage allowing you to react to animal ethics concerns, or adapt your study or monitoring program whenever you want.

The collars are designed to be easy to use and to reuse. A single magnet operation turns on the GPS/Iridium, drop-off mechanism and the VHF beacon which contains the same transmitter as the Ultimate collar range. There is no need to return the collar to Sirtrack between deployments as every collar has a user-replaceable battery pack, which also rearms the collar release, saving you time and money.

In addition to tracking the study animal with GPS, the Pinnacle GPS Iridium range also incorporates a temperature sensor and allows you to monitor the activity patterns of your animal using a 3-axis accelerometer. An optional wet/dry sensor enables you to record how much time an animal spends in water. The collar can be configured to generate alerts based on activity/inactivity or geographical position and these alerts can be sent instantly via e-mail or text message to a computer, mobile device or phone.

The data from the collars is automatically collected and stored in a database in the cloud. You simply log on to a secure website from your computer or smartphone to view your data on a map or in a table, select and export data, or reconfigure or release your collars.  


  • Lightest weight GPS Iridium collar available from as light as 660g including release.
  • Over 18months life for the G5C 194A models and over three years life for the G5C 294A models (available March 2012) at one hour GPS sample interval. 
  • Access your data and control your collars on a secure website from your computer or smartphone. 
  • Simple one click collar closure. 
  • User replaceable battery pack including release rearm.

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