Software Downloads


Listed below are full installations for Sirtrack software applications.

Current Products:

Name Platform        Instructions Version
Fastloc 3 UHF         1.3.4
Fastloc (F1, F4 models) Windows Cross platform    If you are unable to install the Sirtrack Fastloc software (installation crashing) the solution is to uninstall your version of Java and reinstall Fastloc. If a version of Java is already present Sirtrack Fastloc software defaults to use that rather than the embedded version (1.6).
Fastloc patch (if you're experiencing problems downloading Rinex files via FTP)       If you're experiencing problems downloading Rinex files via FTP:
Extract the zip. replace 'common_java.jar' with the same file located in the program folder. (patch)
FastGPS (F5 & F6 models) FastGPS-win32-2.1.0-installer.exe         2.1.0
GPSArgos and GPS Datalogger (G3 models) - version 1.6.3 Windows x32      1.6.3
KiwiSat 303 (K3 models)
MicroGPS (G1 models) Windows 
      This software is used with the older MicroGPS units (G1G & G1H models).
If you have a newer MicroGPS+ unit, please use the PinPoint Host software.
PinPoint Host Windows
Proximity Logger (E2 models) Windows
    If you're experiencing a popup error saying "Error Initializing: Error Getting Port List from SerialIO" please try this (for example for Proximity Logger):
a) Right click on ProximityLoggerAdminTool and select "Run as administrator"
If that doesn't work try running the program in "Compatibility Mode":
C:\Program Files\Sirtrack\ProximityLogger
2. right click on ProximityLoggerAdminTool.exe and select Properties
3. Select the Compatibility tab and tick “Run this program in compatibility mode for” Windows XP (Service Pack 3).
4. Launch it
- Make sure to connect your Proximity Logger before starting the software, otherwise an error will occur
Timed Collar Release Windows
Wildlife GPS (G2 models) Wildlife GPS Software Installer

USB Drivers

Sirtrack software applications require a USB driver for commuinication with our usb interface boxes.

Please choose from the following files.

Once you have saved the file, (ane extracted it if using the zip version) simply run the exe file.

Once completed, a message will be displayed informing you that the installation is complete.