Uses of each technology:

Visit: http://www.lotek.com/fish-and-wildlife-monitoring-technologies.htm for information on Acoustic, VHF radio, Archival, Satellite and Dual mode transmitters. 


Downloading software from the Sirtrack website:

Go to www.sirtrack.com. In the upper right corner of the home page there is a 'MEMBER LOGIN' button. If you cannot access this area of the website, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and request the current user name and password. In this area of the website you will be able to download the latest versions of our software and user guides.


Difficulties installing or running Sirtrack software in Windows Vista or Windows 7:

First try installing the software by right-clicking on the installer icon and selecting 'Run as Administrator'.

Second is to try running the software itself by right-clicking on the icon and selecting 'Run as Administrator'. If this works then you can right-click on the shortcut and select 'Properties'. Now switch to the 'Compatibility' tab and tick the 'Run this program as administrator' box.


Fastloc (F1, F2,F3 and F4 product ranges)

Too few sats.

One possibility is that the logged times were based on a pc time in the wrong timezone. The software sets the onboard clock to UTC based on the pc time and timezone, so both must be correct. The result is that the timestamps on the locations may be offset by a fixed number of hours. It is necessary to increment and decrement the timestamp by whole hours (3600 secs) to establish the correct timezone offset for successful Locsolving of Fastloc locations.