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Marine Wildlife Tracking

Sirtrack and partners offer a range of telemetry products suitable for tracking both freshwater and marine wildlife. Our diverse suite of technology (Acoustic, VHF, Argos, Fastloc, Archival and Light Geo-location) has been used to successfully monitor species from the riverine environment to the deep ocean. From salmon smolts to large pelagic fish, frogs to turtles, crocodiles, sharks, seals, penguins and cetaceans.

Tracking options:


marine-argosThe Argos system is a global satellite location service delivering the transmitter's position and sensor data to the user's desktop.


Read more: Argos


marine-fastlocFastGPS stores a compressed snapshot of GPS data for relay via Argos or for download from a recovered logger.

Read more: FastGPS


marine-vhfSirtrack transmitters offer the perfect balance between high power and long life combined with ease of use and exceptional value for money.

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marine-acousticAcoustic telemetry utilizes sound waves to track fish and wildlife.

It is useful in situations where radio telemetry is not practical or appropriate (e.g., in deep or highly conductive water, i.e., salt water).

Read more: Acoustic


maine-archivalArchival tags are capable of measuring and storing data on light levels. They then use that data to calculate the subject’s latitude and longitude using a process known as light-based geolocation.

We offer 2 types of archival tags: Temperature Depth Recorders and Light Geo-Location tags.

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Dual Mode

marine-dual modeCombined Acoustic/Radio Transmitters provide the means to track animals throughout a variety of applications or environments that may not be compatible with a single technology.

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Marine Product Summary

icon avianSirtrack's product range is extensive.  We have developed tracking solutions for more than 550 species covering all seven continents.  Whether your study species is terrestrial, marine or avian, Sirtrack has the solution for you, with tracking devices starting from as little as 0.9 grams.

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