Saving kiwi at Lake Waikaremoana

Sirtrack´s Kate Dickson with a brown kiwiSirtrack´s Kate Dickson with a brown kiwiThe Lake Waikaremoana Hapu Restoration Trust manages the local kiwi conservation work at Lake Waikaremoana in Hawkes Bay, New Zealand. Research has shown that at least ninety percent of juvenile kiwi on the mainland fails to reach adulthood. Pests such as stoats are attributed as the main cause of the decline for kiwi located in mainland forests.

The trust’s kiwi conservation efforts have been very successful. Initiatives such as trapping of predators, installation of exclusion fencing, a predator–free kiwi chick enclosure; and the regular monitoring of kiwi through tracking technology have seen kiwi numbers in the area stabilise and increase. Sirtrack sponsored the trust and provided tracking transmitters, receivers and antennas so that the trust could monitor the kiwi population.

In May of each year Sirtrack staff eagerly participate in the “Kiwi call” at the lake, an annual kiwi tracking event aimed at taking a census of the lake’s kiwi population to help the trust and researchers assess demographics, population density and trends to support conservation efforts.