Cheetah Conservation Fund

cheetahAn endangered Namibian cheetahThe world's fastest land mammal the cheetah is losing its race for survival. Once common throughout Africa and Asia the cheetah is now on the endangered list. Today the species is extinct from more than 20 countries and it is estimated that only 10,000 to 12,500 animals remain.

Namibia has the world´s largest number of free–ranging cheetahs with about 3,000 animals. Ninety–five percent of the Namibian cheetah population live on commercial farms, posing a threat to stock and to the cheetah's lives. To protect their stock local farmers resort to shooting cheetah's despite them being protected. However farmers can now contact organisations such as the Cheetah Conservation Fund (CCF) who trap the cheetah's for re–release in a safe area.

Sirtrack assists the Cheetah Conservation Fund with its GPS Argos tracking collars which allow the CCF to track the whereabouts of the released cheetah, monitor it's survival and track its whereabouts to ensure that it does not stray back into farmed areas.