Working with Naankuse

NaankuseSirtrack are proud to be associated with the N/a’an ku sê wildlife sanctuary in Africa. Marlice van Vuuren, one of Namibia´s most well known conservationist, together with her husband Dr. Rudie van Vuuren and their pharmacist friend Chris Heunis started N/a’an ku sê Lodge & Wildlife Sanctuary in 2007.

N/a’an ku sê is committed to playing a key role in conservation and the protection of the Namibian wildlife, land and people. Their vision is an Africa where humans and wildlife can live and thrive together and their mission is to conserve the land, cultures and wildlife of Namibia and rescue species threatened by an ever-shrinking habitat. Sirtrack have been supplying N/a’an ku sê with tracking devices for a number of years and recently have provided sponsorship of tracking collars for cheetah. These cheetah are being relocated back into the wild over the next few months.

Cheetah have been declining in numbers because of their impact on farmland so it is imperative that they are relocated to areas that are protected and suitable for wild cats.

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